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The Blue Planet Buzz 


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  You'll never look

at a drop of water 

the same again....


[Walter Wick's

A Drop of Water]

 How a 6-year-old
Canadian boy
started a
to build wells
in Africa

 Read on...


and on...







Watch this video...


It's all how you look

at the world...


"Basic" world map


 Freshwater Resources


Water Use


Poor Water



 "May we  

make our

decisions for

the seventh



[Common Ground:

The Earth, Water,

and Air We Share

- by Molly Bang]

A water reservoir

the size of Singapore?! 


(Lucky Malaysia

found one)


Read on...


 Chris Jordan's

photos show us

2 million Plastic Bottles


(and closer)

= how many

plastic drink bottles

are used in the US

every five minutes


 National Geographic

Water Quiz


Are you water-wise?


  Ban the Bottle!


(especially water bottles)


Read on....


 Can salt water burn?


 Could the ocean solve

our energy




Watch this video...


How big are

the world's oceans?


The answer is

in here




 How do

humans get

their water?


Does it come

to them

or do they go

to it?


Have a look at this video...



Another water quiz

(this one from

the UN kids website)


Have a go!




Look at these

photographs of



other liquids




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